Augusta Harmonie Verein Website Editing Instructions

Contact Winning Technologies at 877-379-8279 if you need assistance.


  • Enter only events that are sponsored by (happening at) the Harmonie Verein. Events from the Town,  Chamber of Commerce, and Plein Air Festival will be automatically aggregated.
  • Plein Air events – One exception is that either the Chamber or Town may wish to make an overall Plein Air Festival event that spans the entire time period. The Plein Air website will NOT aggregate events from the other websites.
  • To make aggregated events easier to spot, each website should use only Categories starting with their own abbreviation (GACC, Town, or AHV). There is no need to break down categories so far that only one event is in each type. (Plein Air categories begin with a year.)
  • The Event Aggregator runs at around midnight at each evening and culls events from the other three websites and adds them to the event list for this website. If you do not wish to display a particular event, choose Hide & Ignore and it will not be added again the next evening.
  • If you change an event, the change will be aggregated by the other sites and updated that evening.
  • If you delete an event, the change will NOT be aggregated, because there is nothing for the other websites to import. Therefore, modify the title with CANCELLED and let the aggregator run. You can remove the event later if you wish.
  • *** If the websites have not had much traffic recently, the WordPress scheduler may not run. Therefore, go visit each other website after you are finished, just in case. **
  • Other community events may be submitted via the Chamber of Commerce website and will be approved there.


  • For the most part, font colors and sizes are determined by global THEME settings and you may  not see them in the editing window. Don’t overuse font settings – too much attention to many elements actually makes everything more difficult to read.
  • The Home page and a few others use the Elementor page builder. Some types of changes are intuitive; contact Winning Technologies if you need assistance. Photos in column formats often must be all the same proportions.
  • If you hover over a page you wish to copy, there is a Duplicate This option.


  • Renaming your images in the format keywords-separated-by-dashes.jpg will help your search engine optimization results.
  • When adding media (images), presize to the largest that will be loaded to optimize page loading time.


  • If you see a suggested THEME update, please do not run it; contact Winning Technologies instead.
  • Generally, you can update whatever the dashboard suggests for Plugins and WordPress updates. However, all four Augusta websites use basically the same setup and will need the same updates, so contact Winning Technologies and have them all taken care of at the same time by a professional. These updates can usually wait a few months with no repercussions.


  • Google Maps API – currently an API key held by Winning Technologies
  • The Events Calendar Pro ($89yr), Aggregator ($89/yr), Event Tickets Plus ($89/yr), Community Events ($89/yr) – all billed to GACC account